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[pct-l] Re: Shoes!

>I read in an artikle that you had spikes to be sreewed into your shoes!
>(Is this correkt? and what kind of shoes are these? I have only seen you 
>sneekers on  some Photos.)


I used #6 Hex-head sheet metal screws to add traction to my trail running 
shoes in icy conditions.  I used a nut-driver to put about 10-12 of them in 
each sole.  They screw right into the tread and the hex-heads provide the 
traction.  3/8 inch ones are unlikely to poke through to your foot, but 1/2 
inchers hold better.  They're no substitute for crampons when those are 
called for, but they really help in milder conditions.

Flyin' Brian

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