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[pct-l] New Balance 804's

Gee all this great endorsement of New Balance shoes, (feet swollen beyond 
belief, useless for arch support, heels rubbed raw,) just makes me want to 
phone Mom and ask for a pair for Christmas - along with a couple of rolls of 
duct tape and a half dozen tubes of shoe goo. But, hey you're feet are 
destined to suffer anyway, no escaping it, so maybe I'll just buy the 
cheapest pair of running shoes I can find. By the time I use up all my shoe 
goo and duct tape, my feet will be so numb that I won't even notice when the 
shoes disintegrate. If I do, I'll just pop a few more pain pills. And Ron, 
for the record, I didn't bring the shoe subject up and couldn't care less 
what other hikers wear cause I got big, fat, flat, stinky, triple E, happy 
feet. Happy and stinky due to genetics, not choice of footwear, of course. 
(Oh, God, Lightning Bolt probably has some sort of foot defect such as 
ingrown bunions or club foot and I'm about to be put in my proper place once 
again - my apologies in advance)