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[pct-l] RE: Knowing it all

>And, I agree with you...the amount of 'holier than thou'; I have ALL =
the =3D
>answers to EVERYTHING, and, of course, MY way is always RIGHT for =3D
>EVERYONE else attitude, does get to be a bit much (okay, a lot much).
>I almost always shy away from extremes...the folks that are always =3D
>positive their way is the only way, never cease to amaze me...I thought =
>I was the ONLY one who knew everything!!!!!!    :)

Ya know, people who think they know it all are really annoying to those =
of us who actually do...

And if you're so bored, what are you doing reading this??? The thought =
crosses my mind to go take a walk.=20
Has anyone ever done long stretches of the PCT in winter on =


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