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[pct-l] A lurker re-introduces himself...

Greetings all, as you can tell from the title of this
e-mail, I have been pretty much a lurker for the past
couple of years or so, and thought it was time to
re-introduce myself.

My name is Paul Magnanti, and I plan on thru-hiking
the PCT this April.   I am originally from Rhode
Island.  It is a state that is known for its beaches,
and is most definitely not mountainous. Went on my
first backpacking trip ever in 1996 in New Hampshire,
and fell in love with the past time that has now
become a life style. Spent many a weekend stomping
around in the Whites, cutting my backpacking teeth and
cultivating  a growing appreciation for the outdoors. 

In 1997, I did an end to end hike of the Long Trail in
Vermont. After three weeks of hiking, I was ready for
more. The following year,  thru-hiked the AT. It was
easily the most content I have ever felt. It is a
period of my life that I continue to always look back
on with much fondness.

Since 1999, have lived in Colorado. After hiking for
five months and experiencing a lifestyle different
from the one I knew back in Rhody, somehow picking up
where I left off was not an option. So packed up a
U-haul and moved to the base of the Rockies. Currently
live in Boulder, a town very well situated to explore
the Rockies. From the place where I work, can see
Long's Peak (a 14er) and some fantastic hiking is less
than an hour away. I will always be a New England boy
at heart, but I have grown to love my adopted state
quite a bit.

As mentioned, I am plan on hiking the PCT this April. 
Nearly four years after I took that first walk off of
Springer Mtn, I am ready for another long walk. The
money is being saved, I have no commitments, and I am
in a job that  while it pays the bills and allows me
to save money, I have no great love for it.  Somehow,
I think the Sierras will be more scenic than an
office. The camaraderie with fellow hikers will be
more genuine than talks of  'synergy' and 'vision
plans'. And fresh air, sunshine (with I am sure a bit
of rain and snow) will be more satisfying than gazing
out a window that looks on a parking lot. 

Though did not post much on this list, I have found
other people's posts to be very valuable as I gear up
for the PCT.  Looking forward to placing some
faces with the names at the ADZPCTKOP. Can't wait to
see what adventures await a bit further west.

(only about five months to go!!!!)

The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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