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[pct-l] Amigo's plea...and where is?

In a message dated 11/18/2001 11:53:19 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
lukeahoy@yahoo.com writes:

> Finally, any sponsorship
> ideas out there?  I've got a fantastic friend who is
> dreaming of thru-hiking, but doesn't have the cash to
> do it all.  


I'm dreaming of thru-hiking (again) and working in order to get there.  You 
don't seriously expect or hope for someone to pay her way, do you?  That's 
not to say it won't happen.

If she needs some gear, I can let go a sleeping bag and a clipflashlight.  
That's not the lightest (4 pounds each) but should the distance. 

She can also contact any one the gear or food manufacturers.  If you hit them 
at the right time, they may be willing to go for it.  I know someone that got 
donated a hikes worth of mac 'n cheese and 2 sleeping bags and heard of 
others getting all sorts of free gear, including socks!


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