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[pct-l] warriors

Hi Joanne (I've yet to teach you the correct spelling    :)     TeeHee),

Thank you.  At times I forget how very FEW people do what we (mainly =
you) do.  I had a woman just a bit younger than i say she is awed by the =
fact that I hike/backpack almost always alone. She referred to me as =

We are a rare and marvelous breed...those of us who so dearly love =
Mother Nature and all her most incredible creations!  Those of us who =
leave the trail head and go out into the 'wild'; those of us who are NOT =
happy just seeing what you can from roads; those of us, no matter what =
activity or pursuit, who push ourselves to go forward, are warriors, to =
OURSELVES, and who know, THAT is all that matters!

Thank you. Even though I do not do what most the folks on the list do; =
no matter that a 14 mile day hike leaves me feeling proud; no matter =
that my backpack weighs closer to 35 pds. than 20; no matter that just =
leaving the house is sometimes the best I can do; no matter how anyone =
perceives my activity, it is mine and my heart and soul are in it, I =
agree, I (all of us) are a warrior! =20

One of my favorite quotes (Anon!) "Don't take anyone else's definition =
of success as your own." probably sums it up best.


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