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[pct-l] Hiking Speed


There is nobody who attended the 2001 ADZPCTKO who would doubt that
lighteningbolt is one SICK puppy. It is good that he is getting therapy.
Lightening has at least made the critical first step of realizing how sick
he is.

However there are some who can handle the lightweight temptation without
binging like lightningbolt. Naturally I use a titanium pot, titanium pegs
and actually purchased two titanium stoves back when they were $250.00 each.
However, I have successfully resisted the urge to hike till I drop. I remain
perfectly perfectly sane. In fact I am sooooo sane that I feel confident in
trading in my old satelitte phone for a newer lighter model. After all, the
new model is only a thousand or so and it weighs almost three ounces less!!!
A nobrainer.

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> One thing that
> I have learned from long distance hiking over the years is that the
> small percentage of hiker's that tend to jump ahead of the pack and
> never let up are mostly looked upon as some sick, sick people (me
> included, thank you). But, I would also asess that "our" definition of
> sick is most likely very different than most peoples... and that's what
> I like best about us! Of course, I've always been an open-minded person
> and concerned hiker's like Brawney have even got me signed up for
> therapy:-)

LOL....  I'll have to agree!  

Most people consider it *sick* when someone hikes 2600 miles, no matter what

their speed.  Next time you do a 3 and a half month thru-hike, you'll just 
have turn around and head back, like another Dave did.  You'll be


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