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[pct-l] D-3 Frame, on it's second life

 After a week of slaughtering Eastern Montana's wildlife, I see this list is 
as twisted as always!! Used my old D-3 frame to pack out 2 4-point mule deer 
3 miles out from the Fort Peck Resevoir located in the Charles Russell 
Wildlife area. Though my killing of a beautiful animal may be looked down on 
by many, it is small potatoes compared to the over-grazing that  occurs 
there. Weather was near record 60's and hunted in T-shirt and 803's. D-3 has 
" Love Handle" bars and works well with 100lb. plus loads. This frame never 
ceases to amaze me in it's weight bearing ability. ( Lifetime warranty)       
           Over grazing is right up there with over logging in the bad item 
column. BLM  stands for Bureau of Livestock and Mining!! ( TIC) If you have 
ever seen the Kettle Range in Washington, you know my drift. You pay more to 
park your car overnight than a rancher pays to leave a unit ( cow and calf) 
out on public land all summer and fall. These animals also scatter weeds from 
the low lands into virgin areas. Anyway, a freezer full of steaks, pepperoni 
and polish sausage will be well used though the winter. Hunting by care 
people ( much like hiking by careful hikers) does much less damage than many 
of the other " Multi-use" activities seen on public land.