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[pct-l] Hiking Speed

Saskia; It's always great to hear from those of you across the big pond!
As for hiking speed the best thing that you and Jan have going for you
is your willingness to be open minded. Even if the best that a hiker can
ever accomplish is 8 to 10 mile days then that is probably great for
them. I'd probably say that most hikers prefer to pack a bit on the
heavier side and would never go ultralight eventhough they have "toyed"
around with it at some point. I guess that the outdoor experience is
just something that each person must find for themselves in their own
way and time, but I've always appreciated those who like to push the
envelope and are open to new ideas. Gosh, it was only about 5 years ago
when I stated that I just couldn't see any use for owning a computer...
amazing how we can change!

And OK, maybe I did average a bit more than an average 2.5 mph hiking
speed but that was the average speed that I used to figure up my daily
hiking plans. I didn't have a speedometer with me and I know that I did
go faster when I was coming off the mountain into Castella because I
knew that my first new pair of shoes were waiting on me after the first
1,500 miles... or when I first ran out of food near Idyllwild where it
was either do my first 30 mile day or starve! Now, when we all left
Skykomish together I do admit that I was psyched above normal after
having a great town visit with everyone and my feet were most likely
moving as fast as my mouth at that point, then there was Hirsh and Nobo
whom I'd been trailing for 2,000 miles and finally caught up with at
Snoqualamie Pass. This was my one and only opportunity to share a
campsite with them so we did really push it that day well into the dark
of night, but that was only because we had to get to the next waterhole
eight more miles away or to stop hiking at 5:00 pm. Now stopping at 5:00
pm when there is at least another 4 hours of prime hiking time left
would just absolutely kill me!

Now, on to Big Greg; Hey, I saw your pack and that wooden handled ice ax
alone weighed more than my whole packed backpack, or maybe more than my
backpack and me together! Now I'm only about 5' 6" and I swear that that
monster of a pack came all the way up to my chin! So with that in mind I
can only imagine what your new Kelty Tioga design must be. I would say
that this might be the perfect pack for Tom but every time that I caught
up to him, he was already sitting on the side of the trail huff'n 'n
puff'n while he was using that little homemade pack of his! Yeah, I'd
say just go ahead and give it to Tom.

See ya'll up the trail in a little cloud of dust, Dave

PS: Seriously, a thanks beyond the normal for all those anonymous
    sponsors of the ADZPCTKO. I can't imagaine a better way to begin a
    thru-hike and appreciate those who made it all possible!


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