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[pct-l] Hiking Speed

That twernt no rattler bo. That be monte! Doncha know yur dern wildlife bo?
Now you jest slow down a bit now. You hear?


PS: How is that cup?

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Whoa there now! As "I" recall the only two-bit trading forked tale
talking used car salesmen at the ADZ were a couple of fellows named Tom
and Greg. (That Tom fellow sure is loud) Why those two fast talking
politicians weren't "introducing" contestants in the homemade gear
contest... why they were grilling the ultralight madness out of them,
but fear not 2002 contestants... the foundation has now been laid out
for you to safely enter the contest for you have been warned :-) And
Tom, when I whizzed by you at 4.5 mph that's because of those darn
southwestern rattlesnakes that I was getting used to and I didn't do
that again until I ran out of food in Oregon!



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