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[pct-l] Hiking Speed

Hi Dave and everyone,

Although I agree that we all have our hiking styles I did enjoy 
hearing about yours and seeing it in practice. Whenever we were 
having our pancakes for lunch, sitting down (mostly lying down) and 
lolling about I'd ponder what it would be like to do it differently, 
to hike like you. I liked thinking about such things hiking up a 
mountain that reduced my hiking speed to sloooooow. So thanks for 
keeping my mind off the trail when it needed to wander.

I don't think that you hiked slowly, Dave. Or maybe Jan and I were 
just slower than average (with our big packs, but still). I remember 
we tried to keep up with you, Hersch, Nobo, Ira and Ethan, but gave 
up after a mile or so.

And then there's the coffee thing: We had a strange experience with 
that on the trail. We did not drink coffee, but only hot chocolate, 
tea or water (sometimes with a multivitamin pill with orangy taste 
and sometimes with lemonade powder). We did not miss the coffee at 
all. But any time we got into town, the first thing we wanted was a 
strong big steamy latte! On trail I craved fresh juice, but in town I 
wanted latte...

I just wanted to say that meeting other hikers with different styles 
of hiking broadened my mind. And that's a good thing!

Jan Heideveld & Saskia Daru