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[pct-l] Web versions of mailing lists open (ADMIN NOTE)

Hello All,

    The forums-based "web version" of the backcountry.net lists is now
open.    You can go directly to http://forums.backcountry.net to check
it out or jump there from the main backcountry.net page.

I realize that this has been a long time coming, but it turned out to be
more than trival to connect the mailing lists to the web software and
vice versa.   Note that many (if not most) of us will continue to use
the lists via email, but a web version has always been high on the wish
list for some- so I hope this new site helps.    To get the full value
out of the web forums (posting there, tracking threads, etc.) you'll
need to go through  the registration process at the
http://forums.backcountry.net site- which is indepedent of your mailing
list subscription.

Again, for those of us who continue to use the mailing lists, we'll miss
nothing- and the web folks will see everything that we post as well.
Hopefully this new method of access will only increase the number of
logs around our campfire.