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[pct-l] Books on the PCT

Mad Monte writes:

<< Read " Pacific Crest Trail Odyssey" by David Green. Story of David's 1977 
 thru-hike. ( Don't miss my name on pages 48 and 64) The best part of this 
 book!!!!!! TIC >>

I disagree.  David's book is a piece of trash!  

Well . . .

Yes . . .

But . . .

Okay, I'm a little biased.  He didn't like my "high mileage" pace, as defined 
at that time and now isn't even close to high mileage.  He criticized me 
specifically on some page on another.  I can't remember which as I think I 
burned the book when I read the passage!

He loved Monte.  David sounds lonely in the book.  

(I'm not sure why he loved Monte and I'm not gonna speculate here or suggest 
anything that might be construed to suggest Monte's sexual persuasion . . . )

Greg "Strider" Hummel