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[pct-l] Re: Trail Food

In a message dated 11/5/01 4:00:09 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
salamander_savage@yahoo.com writes:

<< I know you won't believe this, but calories aren't
 always the issue, depending on what you eat.  Most
 people require 4-6k calories a day during a long
 distance hike, but it's probably b/c our bodies are so
 inefficient.  How else do you explain the first all
 raw thru hike this year, on a diet of less than 3k
 calories per day?  Most people said it couldn't be
 done.  I'm surprised that no one here has mentioned
 the accomplishment yet.   >>

I'm not sure this accomplishment was accomplished.  Is there some 
verification of this, anyone?  

I can understand that raw food may be more efficient, and a stove and fuel 
not carried may lighten the pack (and the calories needed to cover the 
miles.)  On the other hand, hot water makes rehydration of food easier.

Also, if you take five months or more to hike the trail, your calories per 
day requirement is less than if you hike faster.  

Still, weight lost or gained is the difference between calories burned and 
calories taken in.  A deficit of just 1000 calories per day will add up to 
about 50 pounds of body weight lost on a 5-month hike.  It seems likely that 
the 3K calories carried on the trail was augmented by some "hunger reduction" 
at frequent town stops.  Did the hiker lose significant weight on his or her 

Aside:  I've also been told that women burn calories more efficiently than 
men; i.e., they find it harder to lose weight, operating under the same 
calory deficit.  There seem to be other factors at work here.  Any experts 
out there, care to comment?