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[pct-l] handicaps/disabilities

Way to go Joanne,
If it were not for my trusty steeds, I would not go over 1/4 mile a day,
because my hips and legs would give out and you would have to carry me out
on a stretcher.  Fortunately I can ride all day and am able to care for my
animals by doing it slowly.  I plan to be on the trail on my 100th birthday
(Jan. 1, 2049), meanwhile there are lots of trails and mountains to explore
and become acquainted with on a fairly intimate basis.  If we were only
allowed on trails when we were young and healthy, most of us wouldn't be out
there at all.  I go to the mountains to refresh my soul and get closer to my
Creator, and to face the challenges they present.  You may go for the same
reasons or totally different ones, but let's respect each other and enjoy
this wonderful world that has been given to us!
May all your trails be beautiful
Crest Rider