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[pct-l] Sponsorships!


Hola folks.  It's mid November, and I am thinking
about the trail again.  Trying to spread the love of
the trail, I've got a friend who wants to thru-hike
it.  She's a little low on cash and needs some
sponsors.  I've considered a "Clean Up California"
campaign that would have 5 to 10 thru-hikers pledging
to pick up every piece of trash on the trail that I
think I could get going, but she's not too shure. 
What do you think of this idea of becoming sponsored? 
Are there any potentials out there that would be
interested in picking up the thousands of balloons
that land in the desert portion, or pounds of wrappers
that roll their way around the Sierras?  I can only
guess you would average picking up between 1/2 and 2
pounds per day of trash, potentially adding 10-20
pounds to your pack between resupplies.  

However, I wanted to inquire about other sponsorships.
 Do any of you have any good ideas, or companies that
would help a keen Michigander attempt her toughest
challenge yet.  Are any of the lightweight gear
companies seeking "testers" for packs, bags, and

Folks, you've helped me before, and I think I can
count on you again.  

Rock on PCT-L'ers!


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