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[pct-l] Hiking with Disabilities

JoAnn, I'm glad you mentioned that. I once took a blind friend of mine on a 
three day backpack trip in the Santa Catalina Mountains in Arizona. He used 
his cane like a walking stick. I talked him through several creek crossings, 
but mostly he did it on his own.

He also was game  about jumping off of rocks into deep pools and climbing up 
rock faces my sighted girlfriend at the time would not go up.

Hasn't there been a successful thruhike of the AT by a blind man?

And as to what Brian Robinson may or may not have said to the press, what the 
heck does the article have to do with it. He may have spent an hour 
passionately pleading the case of wilderness preservation for all we know.

Freedom of the press belongs to those who have a press.

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