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[pct-l] trails

Hey gang...all this talk of long trails reminded me of a book I have: =
'America's National Scenic Trails' by Kathleen Ann Cordes, photographs =
by Jane Lammers, 2001, U of Oklahoma Press.

Its a paper back w/glossy pages and good photos.  I've not 'read' it but =
have learned from it and thoroughly enjoy 'dreaming' about doing a =
longer hike. It talks about 8 Scenic Trails. Excellent info. for those =
of us who are not long distance people. I bought the book for 2 reasons: =
(1) I'll buy virtually anything that includes the PCT, and, (2) you can =
never have too many books.


P.S. Since we are acknowledging we older folks (anyone more than 5 yrs. =
older than I) let's also give 'credit' to those of us who hike with =
disabilities....oh good heavens, now I've started something else!!!

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