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[pct-l] Arguing about speed

saskia writes:

> So how do you hike with your spouse? My partner would like to walk 
> more miles and faster than me, but we stay together anyway. 

My hiking partner, Paul Hacker, and I experienced this problem also.  We 
weren't spouses, however, we spent 24 hours per day together for about 3 
months straight, something that I have never had the opportunity to do with 
my wife!  

We joined up together in Nth California after passing each other several 
times and realizing that we were compatible mentally and to some extent 
physically.  The problem became evident when I would leave him in the dust 
every morning if I led out.  If he led out then I would be frustrated walking 
at his pace.  We found the solution by letting me lead and get my yah yahs 
out in the morning, agreeing on a spot for lunch.  I would usually get to the 
spot about 30 minutes before him and have lunch waiting for him when he 
arrived.  In the afternoon, having spent my energy I could walk behind him 
without wishing to go faster and we would enjoy long conversations on the 
wanderings of the mind (where it will goooo, doo, doo, doo da da!).


Greg "Strider" Hummel
in sunny southern California where it reached 75 today after the fog burned 

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