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[pct-l] RE: Therm-a-Rest

Tom writes:
<<Yes thruhikers, I know I'm a wimp. I just posted this because there are a
few on this list too old and smart for the guts and glory 30 mpd approach.>>

Unfortunately, Tom, age does not always bring wisdom. Some of us older,
slower hikers still think a thru-hike is possible. Despite all the evidence
to the contrary, our egos constantly reassure us that although 30 mpd might
be a stretch, 20-25 mpd is certainly a reasonable goal. A theory we intend
to test starting in April. However, we will be starting a couple of weeks
before ADZPCTKO just to give ourselves a little edge over the younger,
stronger (but equally dim witted) thru hikers. It will be interesting to see
how quickly they catch up - and I'm sure they will, even my ego refuses to
argue that point.

Don Davidson