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[pct-l] Trail Food

Okay, sorry to perpetuate this, but we're finally getting back to where we started, which may be a good thing.

>But as a group, we generally try not 
>to criticize what others have done - 
>especially if we haven't done it. 

Okay, so your beef remains that I expressed doubt as to whether the media coverage of Brian's hike would be universally good for the scenic trails. Let me just say again that I _never_ criticized his hike -- I did criticize the list for not thinking critically about it, though, and I remain critical in this regard. Critically critical.

I also criticized Brian for failing to take advantage of a truly unique opportunity to say something of value on behalf of the scenic trails. He didn't. And the idea floated in that LA Times editorial seem too hilariously naive to comment on -- aside from this: 

People have been doing x-country bike trips for decades now; has this helped any traffic-reducing cause, on a macro scale? Are there transcontinental east-west bike lanes? If there are, I'd love to know about them.

Nevertheless, the implication that _I_ should hike a Calendar Triple Crown before I comment in this way is completely absurd. What about all those critics at Mother Jones who argue for a smaller defense budget? They've never been generals, politicians, or chiefs of staff, so what do they know about defense budgets?


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