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[pct-l] Trail Food

"bill blovis" wrote:
>You made a number of provocative statements.

Only if that's what you're looking for.

>I like this one:
> >Your viewpoint, your experience - don't
> >seem to be consistent with anything that
> >even resembles thruhiking.
>Isn't the whole point of this list to compare
>different viewpoints on thruhiking?

Not really - it's to discuss hiking the PCT.  Thruhiking is just one way to 
do that.  And there are a number of "non-thruhikers" who contribute a great 
deal to the conversation.  But as a group, we generally try not to criticize 
what others have done - especially if we haven't done it.  If  you've got 
some experience to contribute I'm sure we'd enjoy hearing it -

>Here's my
>experience. You can call it "non-thruhiking,"
>if that makes you feel better.

Somehow I missed seeing that go by ------ try again???

>Wait, I have an idea. Why doesn't everyone
>attach a little mileage meter to the bottom of
>their postings? That way, people who really
>care whether you hiked 2000 miles vs 5000 miles
>vs 15000 miles will be able to disregard the
>right information.

Just for you - I'll do something like that --- once  :-)

>This is my favorite:
> >In this context "long distance hiking"
> >could mean any hiking for 60 days or
> >more - anywhere in the world. If you
> >have any such experience, I think a
> >number of us would be interested in
> >hearing about it.
>Can I ask you if you honestly believe that I'd
>fill my inbox with this list if I hadn't hiked
>for "60 days or more?"

Why not?  There are a lot of people here who've never done a single 60 day 
hike.  There are probably a few who have never spent a night outdoors, 
although I don't know just who they are.  And a few who've logged those 
15000 miles or more.

Hmmm - maybe we should make sure we're talking the same thing here - the "60 
days" wasn't a reference to 60 separate days of hiking - or to 30 weekends 
--- it referred to a single contiguous 60 day hike.  Say 800 to 1000 miles.

The number wasn't arbitrary either - but I'm not gonna explain that right 
now.  Most, if not all, of those who have done it will have some 
understanding of the reason.

>PCT hikers are cool, but I don't think we should
>start expecting groupies anytime soon.

I hope not - I don't need the crowds.  And my wife would certainly object  

>But if I were a groupie, I'm sure I'd believe
>everything you say, "Jim Owen," if that makes
>you feel any better.

Again, I hope not -- go read the Thruhiker Papers (trailwise.circumtech.com) 
  Maybe then you'll understand why.

>Otherwise, I think we
>should conduct our disagreements off the list.

Uh uh - don't do that no mo'.  I've done that at least a dozen times.  I 
won't go into the dynamics of that scenario, but it's never been anything 
but disaster - and a waste of time for both parties.

Anyway - just for you -

Walk softly,
Bald Eagle - AT-92
SpiritEagle - CDT-99, PCT-00
And more than a few thousand other miles someplace along the way

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