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[pct-l] Trail Running, Snickers, and Important Stuff

MY trail experiences are better than anybody's. And that's a fact!!!!!

Snickers are the only commercially available food that have all 22 =
essential amino acids. Fact!!!!!
(No clinical trial necessary)

Brian didn't lose any weight on the trail.  Fact!!!!!!

Congratulations to Brian. When his book comes out I will certainly buy =
it, despite the possibility that I will be encouraging people I don't =
like to hike in places that are specificaly reserved for ME alone. All =
of you unworthy no-loads just please stay home whenever I am hiking.  =
Its bad enough that I have to read your posts.  Having you for company =
on the trail would be more than I can bear.  I don't like it when people =
go faster than I do, so I sooth myself by thinking that they may be =
faster, but they sure ain't better, necause they have to be missing all =
the wonderous little things I see. Right?=20

It is my sincere hope that Brian becomes incredibly RICH from book =
royalties. I hope he makes more than anybody else.  No matter how =
well-written and factually researched, it is a FACT that all this =
sniping at Brian is just jealousy.  I have found that people who say =
that the FDNY firefighters were not heroes because they knew the risks =
when they signed up and were only doing their jobs when they died, are =
always people personnally lacking in physical and moral courage. They =
resent the heroes and so will try to bring them down to their level.  =
People who set out to minimize accomplishments like Brian's are people =
who cannot do what he did, so they need to bring him down to their =
level.  No, go eat a Snicker.  Nyuk Nyuk.=20

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