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[pct-l] Transcontinental Trail

and then there is the American Discovery Trail

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> Carl wrote that no Trancontinental Trail exists. Talk about a small world,
> Ron Strictland( Author and founder of " The Pacific Northwest Trail" lives
> less than a mile away I have just learned! We were discussing this very
> when Ron told me of his new route with is over 6,500 miles long from the
> Pacific to Atlantic Ocean. The trail begins with the Pacifc Northwest
> ( which is 1,200 miles long ) and ties into the CDT for aways, then
> onto other existing trails. This new Sea to Sea trail ties mosting
> trails together and volunteers are needed to attempt this route and would
> used to Ron's new guide book for the trail. ( Any one up to a little 8 to
> month trip??) We're having dinner today and will be making stoves for the
> Dec. deadline on Backpacker's Alcohol Stove Contest. Now that most the "
> Firsts" have been done in hiking, this may be the last chance to still be
> first to hike the Sea to Sea trail. ( Food for Thought!!)
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