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[pct-l] Water Filter for the PCT

I use a Sweetwater Guardian which I replace the filter each year for normal 
hiking use. For a thru-hiker, I would opt. for just a small filter that 
screws into your water bottle opening allowing you to just fill and drink. 
These little guys are light and very popular with thru-hikers. If you hike 
South to North, the water through the desert is alittle rough in areas and 
filters are a plus. Farther up the trail, chemicals work fine when needed. 
Most finishers ( by a large margin) are not carrying water filters  when they 
reach Manning. ( Several Squeeze bottle type water filters are on the market 
) One reason for filtering your water early on is Mexican Nationals using the 
trail on the first section. They may not be as careful the average long 
distance hiker  " When Nature Calls". Any one who has ever looked at the 
water from  Pioneer Mall would agree filtering is most helpful.