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[pct-l] Brian's accomplishment: good press for all

Yesterday's Los Angeles Times had an editorial that addresses some of the
issues raised by the "why didn't he use this pulpit to help hikers"
naysayers. A few excerpts:

"People do hike these trails just because they are there, assembled piece by
piece by dedicated hikers and public servants over the years....Robinson did
have to take buses between the three north-south trails. That little flaw
could be remedied with an East-West transcontinental trail system. The
enduring benefit of Robinson's accomplishment may be to give new life to a
bill languishing in Congress, S. 1069, that would aid land acquisition for
nine proposed trails in a transcontinental system."

So even if he didn't actively promote the benefit of LD hiking, it was not
lost on the media. You can read the complete editorial at: