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[pct-l] Arguing about speed

AsABat and all the other people with partners out there:

So how do you hike with your spouse? My partner would like to walk 
more miles and faster than me, but we stay together anyway. The 
enjoyment of walking together seems to outweigh his drive to go 
further and faster. But it is still one of these points that creeps 
up every time. Any wise advise?


>I like 15 to 20 mile days. My wife is happy with 4
>My wife says I can't see all the little things along
>the trail moving that fast. I reply I have to see more
>things because I'm covering more territory.
>We both see many wonderful things on the trail, just
>different things.
>Simple enough.

Jan Heideveld & Saskia Daru