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[pct-l] Trail Food

I'm certainly no expert on nutrition, but I believe in the old adage that 
variety is the spice of life. We each have our own tastes as well as paces. I 
like to carry heavy fresh food, and even canned stuff. I like to have the 
attitude that just about any food will do. I don't much care about weight 
when it comes to food, just gear. I like snickers, but would get bored with 
them if I ate them every day, so I also carry Mars Bars, Baby Ruth's, O 
Henries and anything else I take a fancy to while shopping in the grocery 
stores for resupplies. If things have to be "just so" in order to do 
something, then the risk of failure in an endeavor IMHO increases greatly 
when things aren't "just so." I believe in "just do it." If it doesn't work 
or I get bored, I just do something else. A mid morning snack of Chips Ahoy 
or Oreos and milk was something I never tired of. I would never dream of 
putting down someone else's trail diet because if I got tired of MY diet, I 
figure I could trade my stuff for some of their different stuff. Twice I have 
had fishermen come into my camp wanting to trade fish for any food I happened 
to have. I was ecstatic to give them oatmeal in exchange for yummy trout.
  The thing that amazed me about my one and only thru hike was that even 
though I lost 20 pounds (from 135 to 115) I had every bit as much energy to 
complete my normal day at the end as in the beginning