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Fw: [pct-l] re: Congrats to Brian

Oh what joy it is to hear about generations getting out and enjoying the
backcountry together!!  I am soooo envious!
Crest Rider (Who still enjoys riding with her grown kids, but isn't a granny
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From: "Davidson, Don" <donaldd@lamar.colostate.edu>

Tom writes:

>You don't know the half. I have a 16 year old son who backpacked with me
>since he was 3. He is now 17. Backpack with us? Not anymore. My wife and I
>are now too slow. grrrrrr.

Ah, but I know only too well!  Both of my sons were leaving me in their dust
by that age. But be patient, it gets beter. My oldest son now has a son of
his own and on a hike this summer my wife and I were the ones gleefully
skipping down the trail while our son and daughter-in-law lagged behind with
their heavier packs and slow, sometimes balky 5 yr old.


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