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[pct-l] Marathons in the Wilderness

In a message dated 10/31/01 10:05:21 PM, brick@webrooster.com writes:

<< Once again, I ask, what section of the Wilderness Act prohibits running 

I don't think any specific section of the wilderness act prohibits marathons. 
But quotas do. Put 100 marathoners on any given trail (such as the JMT) in a 
wilderness and there ain't much room for anyone else unless you think 
overcrowding doesn't matter. (Then why support quotas on Mt. Whitney)One 
weekend it's the Cleveland bunch, the next the Denver bunch, then San Diego 
and so on and so on until the Summer is gone. By marathoners getting their 
permits enmasse, it isn't long before it gets pretty hard for anyone else to 
get a permit. That's the reason they were banned in Olympic N.P. Too popular