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[pct-l] Brian's accomplishment

Geez, I can't believe there are some out there who
would denigrate Brian for what he has accomplished.
What he has done is one of the most difficult things I
can even imagine. Hiking mostly by yourself, hours on
end, day after day,for ten months because you have a
goal you've established for yourself to do something
no one else has ever done before. Three cheers for
Brian. There will be very few who will ever accomplish
what he has done. Just think about it, one twisted
ankle or mistep in 7300+ miles and the trip is over.
I've been hiking and backpacking for 40 years and what
he has accomplished is one of the most impressive
things I've ever read about. Do take the time to read
his journal. Do take the time to study some maps. Do
take the time to do some hiking yourself and you'll
begin to get a feel for the amazing feat that he has
just accomplished. I hope he writes a book and is able
to let others really join in with him as he put one
foot infront of the other as he hiked mainly solo thru
sun, heat, snow, rain, bugs, hunger, loneliness, pain
etc etc. Congratulations to Brian for one of the most
inspiring events in the year 2001. He has proven once
again that man can accomplish just about anything when
he puts his heart, mind and soul into it. 

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