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[pct-l] Re: 1964 Wilderness Act

The 1964 Wilderness Act did not create a holy sanctuary open only to true
believers.  Rather, its clearly stated purpose is "To establish a National
Wilderness Preservation System for the permanent good of the whole
people.....".  It specifically prohibits mechanized and motorized vehicles
and any type of development, but it does not otherwise impose restrictions
on how you choose to enjoy your wilderness experience. Hiking the JMT last
year, I encountered people on foot, on horseback, one group leading burros,
and another leading  llamas. Most were taking 2-3 weeks to complete the
trail, but two were trying for 5 days and another two planned to take 45
days. None of these encounters detracted from my experience and many added
to it. I do not wish to limit my wilderness experiences to just one mode or
rate of travel; I want to know what is possible and then decide what is best
for me. Brian has just given me one more option - thanks Brian and
congratulations on a notable achievement.

Don Davidson