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[pct-l] positive vibrations for Brian

hey...Brian's jounrey across the UNited States is
truly a journey to be admired and cherished by
everyone it touched. kudos to you Brian. 

Noone cares if you freaked out in a post office. What
matters is that You did it and people heard about it
and maybe someone got inspired by it, who knows.
That's all you can do.

And also I want to know is why is blobis quoting
Jardine when he does'nt believe in what Jardine is
saying. jardine does'nt care whose out there! jardine
says "i hike, you hike, it's allgood." Blobis wants
everyone else to share his values, and he quotes
jardine to support points jardine would never support.
shame on blobis.

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