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[pct-l] 1964 Wilderness act ( was: Congrats to Brian)

At 03:50 PM 10/30/01,  "bill blovis" <blovis@lycos.com>  wrote:
>Nevertheless, when I share stories from my hike, my goal is to get the listeners out on to a trail. Most of time, the way to do this is to concentrate on the accessible aspects, the day to day triumphs and struggles.

OK. You have people you are trying to get out there. 
No problem with that. Brian's feat doesn't help you in your crusade. Too bad.

>My problem with all of this Calendar Triple Crown business is that everything that nearly everyone -- Jeff Shaefer, Karen Berger included -- has said about it will only serve to get the same old marathon-running, outdoors-oriented people out there.

And the problem with that would be.....?

It sounds like there are people you DON'T want out there. That is pretty selfish.
There are probably people that don't want YOU out there either.

In any event, this didn't answer my original question:
>Exactly what provision in the Wilderness Act prohibits running 
>Marathons or Ultra Marathons in wilderness areas?

Brick Robbins
Speaking as list member, not list-owner