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[pct-l] 1964 Wilderness act ( was: Congrats to Brian)

>> I'm glad you know what Brian's goals are, because, judging from the press
he's received, he hasn't said or implied _anything_ that would indicate that
his goals are to get more people out there. <<


I may know Brian's goals better than some, the press, and less than others.
If I do it's because I've talked with him on several occasions. These go
back to the April  2000 ADZPCTKO when Brian first talked to me about his
plans. Then last April, I sat down with him for an hour doing a one on one
interview for an article for the PCTA website

As to the press, you should know that they are out first to create readers.
What creates readers is drama. So it shouldn't be hard to see how an
otherwise benign incident can be blown out of proportion. As to the meltdown
in Oregon, I not aware of what you're talking about. However, I would say
that on my PCT hike in 2000, I had my own share of meltdowns and I wasn't
trying to hike three trails. 

I for one don't assume that any press is good press. I do assume that most
of it, at least all the times I've been directly involved with it, is
marginally accurate. It's just that I've yet to see any bad press about the
National Scenic Trails coming  out of the coverage so far. 

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak