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Ron wrote:
>As to you Dave, do you really think you saw anymore on your trip up the PCT 
>than Brain did on his Triple Crown? Do we really believe that the 
>difference between a 2.5 and a 3.5 mile an hour pace blinds us to the world 
>passing through? Sure I'd image it'd be nice to sit in one spot and
>contemplate the view for a few hours. But then really how many hikers do 

Ron -
In fact, (and in support of your point) - Brian's pace (by his own estimate) 
is about 2.5 mph.  He didn't "run" a marathon, supposedly he didn't even 
walk faster than the average thruhiker - he just walked longer every day - 
and didn't take breaks.

Not my words, but his.

And if anyone thinks that's BS then chew on this - when Ginny and I  went 
through Oregon last year we limited our mileage to 23 miles per day.  In 
order to do that we had to start late, stop early, take lots of 'rest' stops 
and 2 hour lunch breaks - and we don't walk any faster than Brian.  Think 
what kind of mileage we'd have done if we'd walked from can-see to can't-see 
without stopping like Brian did.  We'd have finished 2 weeks earlier - and 
we sure didn't want to do that.

Walk softly,

"Cutting the space budget really restores my faith in humanity. It
eliminates dreams, goals, and ideals and lets us get straight to the
business of hate, debauchery, and self-annihilation." -- Johnny Hart

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