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[pct-l] 1964 Wilderness act ( was: Congrats to Brian)

You said:
>[Brian's] goal is also to get people out 
>on the trail. Young, old, slow, fast, 
>knowledgeable or just want-a-bees. So again 
>you're assuming things you don't know. 

I'm glad you know what Brian's goals are, because, judging from the press he's received, he hasn't said or implied _anything_ that would indicate that his goals are to get more people out there. 

Maybe reading about Brian's meltdown in a PO in northern Oregon is the kind of thing that would get you out there, but I guarantee that it doesn't appeal to me.

If we're accusing people of making assumptions, I'd like to weigh in: this whole list seems to _assume_ that any press is good press for the scenic trails. I disagree. 

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