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[pct-l] 1964 Wilderness act ( was: Congrats to Brian)

Bill states >> My problem with all of this Calendar Triple Crown business is
that everything that nearly everyone -- Jeff Shaefer, Karen Berger included
-- has said about it will only serve to get the same old marathon-running,
outdoors-oriented people out there. <<

Are their right and wrong people who should or should not be on the trail?
Should we tell people to go piss off because we don't care for their company
on the trail? Just whose to make that decision? You? 

As you said, you've run marathons. So sorry next time you show up at the
trail head, someone will be there to send you home. I'm afraid these trails
are limited to us fat old farts who wouldn't run a marathon if there was a
million dollar pot at the end. 

The stories you share with you're listeners are no different than those told
by Brian. His just cover a bit more territory. His goal is also to get
people out on the trail. Young, old, slow, fast, knowledgeable or just
want-a-bees. So again you're assuming things you don't know. 

As to you Dave, do you really think you saw anymore on your trip up the PCT
than Brain did on his Triple Crown? Do we really believe that the difference
between a 2.5 and a 3.5 mile an hour pace blinds us to the world we're
passing through? Sure I'd image it'd be nice to sit in one spot and
contemplate the view for a few hours. But then really how many hikers do

I'm pretty sure Brian got to know more about the whims of Mother Nature
struggling through 10 foot drifts in Vermont than most of us would want too.

There is no right or wrong way to hike a trail!

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak