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[pct-l] re: Congrats to Brian

Dave states >> So, Buzz perhaps you can enlighten me as to why the 1964
Wilderness act was 
passed to begin with. While marathoning in the wilderness (And there are
who would LOVE to in wilderness areas) affects it in no significant way 
physically ---- I'll let you ponder how it would affect it spiritually and 
mentally for those of us who wish to escape the go go go of our culture. <<

So who's talking about running marathons in the wilderness. Walking 30 miles
a day isn't in any stretch of the imagination running a marathon. In general
Brian didn't walk much faster than any other hiker out on the trail. From a
distance, I doubt anyone  would have been able to pick him out from a crowd
of hikers. He just walked longer and stopped less than anyone else. 

So by camping less, stopping to rest less, I'd imagine Brian did less damage
than most hikers. Not that hikers are all that environmentally unfriendly. 

Why all of this negativity anyway? Especially from members of a group of
people who have some concept of what thru-hiking is like. I'd expect that
when Earl Schafer first hiked the AT someone would have said "What kind of
an idiot is he." After all no one imagined it could be done at one time.
Since then 1000's have followed suit. 

Does anyone reasonably expect that 50 years from now, hundred's will have
done the Triple Crown in a single effort? Not really. Still when a country
sits on the brink of war, dreams are precious commodity. Who knows maybe
Brian and his book will inspire a whole new generation. 

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak