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[pct-l] Flyin' Brian

When I met Brian at this year's ADZ kickoff, I could not concieve of his 
goal.  I asked him the only question that seemed to matter and the one that 
ultimately challenged him, "Why?"  (What a stupid question, eh?)  He answered 
something along the lines of "because" or "because it hasn't been done".  

I noticed that the answer to this question changed throughout his phenomenal 

Initially, rather vague.  Then in an interview somewhere on the CDT he 
started to define the answer by decribing what it was not; fun, social, 
somewhat a chore.

Recently, he answered that he hoped his accomplishment would bring greater 
attention to the trails and their funding and preservation needs.

On the one hand I am blown away by this incredible accomplishment.  

On the other hand, I have to agree that such a high speed "race" against time 
is contrary to the ideals that Clinton C. Clarke had in mind for the 
establishment of the PCT, contrary to the enjoyment of the wilderness for the 
sake of the values and beauty therein (Brian even agreed that what he was 
doing did not enable him to fully enjoy the environment through which he was 
racing),  and is unlikely to promote greater appreciation, preservation or 
funding for the PCT, CDT or AT.  Time will tell.

I think that what I'm hearing is that Brian hasn't quite defined the answer 
to my question yet.  It might take him a bit longer to figure it out.  

I haven't quite figured out my own answer as to why I hiked the PCT, yet.  
All I know, and I know this as one of the few true facts in my life, is that 
I am damn glad I did, whatever the reason.

Wow, Brian!  You sure have done something.  HYOH.

Greg "Strider" Hummel

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