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[pct-l] Congrats to Brian!!

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001 16:33:03 -0700 "bill blovis" <blovis@lycos.com>

> Moreover, Brian's boo-hoo-ing about not being able to seize the day 
> with one of the many "seemingly available women," who no doubt lined 
> the streets of New England, is an even more absurd example of his 
> adventure's hilarious irony. > 


It sounds like you are the one who is "boo-hoo-ing", Brian wasn't, just
stating the consequences of having a ultra demanding goal and sticking to
>From the NY Times: Along the way, he said, he met a number of attractive
and seemingly available women who >knew all about him. (Thanks to his
father, Roy, they had been reading his trail journal at
>www.royrobinson.homestead.com and his journey has been widely covered in
the hiking press.) But romance >required something he did not have: time.
"Hiking is a very social experience," Mr. Robinson said on Friday. >"This
time around I am missing it. I'm moving too fast." 
Also he was talking about sharing the hiking experience along the trail
with women he met along the way, not an "encounter" with women "who no
doubt lined the streets of New England".
Shame on you Bill.
Congratulations and hike on Brian!!

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