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[pct-l] Congrats to Brian, but let's keep it real.

In a message dated 10/30/2001 10:25:37 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
ronm@fallingwater.com writes:

> Bill, somehow I get the feeling you've never met and don't know Brian. I'd
>  have to say he's nothing like you describe nor are his motives. 
>  Simply put, Brian deserves the congratulations he's getting.

Amen.  He was so soft spoken and humble at the Gathering earlier this month.  
Way more than most of us had we been in his shoes.  He was no hot dog or 
publicity hound.  As best I could tell he was there for two reasons:  he was 
starved mentally and emotionally for connection with other people, and who 
better than fellow hikers, and he enjoyed sharing his experiences with a 
crowd who could begin to understand what he had gone through.  It was a 
pleasure to watch him soak up the needed psychic energy the crowd offered, 
much like a hungry hiker devours an AYCE buffet.  I can't wait to buy his 

The only litmus test I apply to users of our long distance trails is their 
respectfulness to their fellow travelers on the trail and to the environment 
(LNT principles).  Otherwise, all hikers are to be congratulated for being 
outdoors and reconnecting with Nature, or whatever their reason for being 
there.  If anyone feels that Brian is misusing the spotlight while it is 
shining on him, it might be better if they walked the walk and got their own 
spotlight for their own message.  The trails await.

Congratulations, Brian!

Happy trails,

Solar Bear