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[pct-l] Brian

Ohmygawd...It is MY fault!! I remember now. But I have an excuse. I was
drunk! [Marge please testify for me]

It was ADZPCTKO a year ago. Roy was bitching because his kid had bailed out
on him so he had to hike alone. Stupidly I didn't recognize his deviant
personality and ran a lightweight gear contest. Roy showed off his
lightweight tarp tent and his dumbass stove. Ron, another deviant if I ever
saw one, showed off his 1 pound pack. Everybody was impressed. Even Monte
was converted to this deviant lightweight behavior.

Now, I year later Roy's kid shows up hiking with a pack weighing less that a
proper pair of boots. We have to put a stop to this. I can just imagine ABC
wide-world-of-sports covering the Annual Triple Crown Race as thousands
start out to see how quickly thet can hike the three trails.

Traditionalists unite. We can stop this. Hell, try hiking the triple crown
in one year PROPERLY with a Kelta Tioga, sneeze stove and wooden handle axe.
No way in hell anybody could do that. Not even Brian. No way in


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> Roy's poor parenting. 

Blame the parents as usual!   Don't forget to blame the teachers too!

Personally, I attribute Brian's deviation to the unsavory crowd running
things like ADZ and PCT-L, setting all sorts of bad examples and
unrealistic objectives... unrealistic for them, at any rate.

>  Finally the hiking community gets
the ink long reserved for the Everest mountain climbing community.

We'll be paying the price for years.    You thought the parks and
wildernesses were over-populated and over-regulated before...
Wait til guys like Larry Ellison get excited about this stuff.