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[pct-l] One day on the trail

 Here is example of Brian on the trail. A group of 6 or so of us got up early 
and left the kick-off this spring. Got out around 10 miles or so and we spot 
2 thru-hikers with killer blisters atemptingto treat themselves. Brian stops 
, opens up his pack and doctors up the hikers. I keep on hiking and Brian 
soon caught up on a hill and we resume our conversation as we hike. We did 
18.5 miles that day ( Which Brian does before noon most days) He said this 
was the most he'd gotten to visit since the first of the year. (same campsite 
Diamondback Dave showed us from the year before) For those who don't know 
Brian, he is as low key and polite as it gets!! We were all very interested 
to his stories from his month on the AT before. ( which is was virtually 
alone on)