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[pct-l] Stubai Tour Lite ice axe & Ultralight Crampons

 The Stubia Tour Lite Ice Axe weighs 1lb. even and the StubiaUniversal 
Trekking crampons are 1lb. 4 ozs. I found their gear on the web at ABC 
Climbing Gear. You can see a pic of them on page 48 of the August " 
Backpacker Mag". My good friend PA Jeff wore these up Mt. Adams this summer 
on our annual " Pilgrimage" to the top of this Cascade Vocano while people in 
their plastic boots and step-in type crampons gauked distastefully as he 
passed. These are a 12 point crampon with a Zytel universe binding that works 
with either tennis shoes or plastic boots. I would have no problem using 
these on Mt. Rainier. Figure 3 lbs& 6 ozs. for the running shoe/crampon 
combo. Remember an oz. of prevention is worth a lb of cure!!  Wearing 
crampons on snowy frozen slopes help aid against slips. ( Fairly cheap 
insurance!) Of course if you leave KM  after June 15th , you maynot need 
crampons ( As the last 2 years as been) But I would carry these just to be 
safe even if the weather and snow level appeared fine. ( A frozen Forester is 
a piece of cake with these things)  If you can't find ABC Climbing Gear, 
e-mail me and I will forward it to you. Monte