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[pct-l] Crampons (was Best PCT Packs)

I'm not familiar with the Stubai's, but if you're looking for light, 
flexible, crampons that work with everything from sneakers to boots, you 
might want to check out Kahtoola crampons.  These are not mountaineering 
crampons (the points aren't as sharp as mountaineering crampons and there 
are no front points) but these are perfect for low angle hiking on packed 
snowy and icy trails.

A bunch of us tested them last spring for the BackpackGearTest Yahoo group.  
Check out the reviews at 
for more info.


>From: PTODDF@aol.com
>Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 10:33:56 EDT
>Great gear summary. Where can I get the Stubi Al. crampons you said work on
>hiking/running shoes?
>What is ultralight web page URL you recommend?
>Thanks, Todd in Tarzana.

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