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[pct-l] Re: Bear Canisters

I had an Ursack Ultra ripped wide open last July in K.C. Pictures still on 
backpackinglight.com. under "Features." Since disapproved by Park Service. 

Only cans approved in SEKI are the heavy Garcia and the lighter Bearikade and 
I believe an aluminum can which I haven't seen. Garcia cans are rented in 
SEKI for $3 per trip and Bearikades at $3 per day. Note that food hangs are 
illegal. So is bear and pepper spray. (Why?)

Inyo and probably other adjacent National Forests are also requiring approved 
bear cans. Either that, or use the bear boxes, of which there are an 
abundance in Sequoia especially. Shoulder seasons avoid the (not too bad 
usually) crowds where these are located.

Best, Todd in Tarzana.