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[pct-l] Tents for the PCT

 More wisdom!! First  , if you don't sew, buy a tent that weighes less than 3 
lbs. My top choice in the mass market class would be a Walrus Zoid 1.5. You 
can do better though with a small  tent manufacture. Many former thru-hikers 
are now kicking out some great tents. Ron Moak ( Fallingwater), Henry Shires 
and others make tents in the 2 lb. range that use your own treking poles. 
Nomad tents are another light single wall design that uses treking poles. 
Tarps are great after the bugs lighten up.  If you break an alum. pole on 
your high-dollar tent, go to an archery shop and replace it with an arrow 
shaft. Arrow shafts come in 36 in. lengths and can be cut to any size and 
come in a number of diameters. ( Or replace that cheap fiberglass framed 
family tent with an arrow shafted frame. < Cuts the weigh by 2/3's in some