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[pct-l] Best PCT Packs and a great ultralight weg page

 First , I would advise anyone looking to do the PCT Ultralight style to 
checkout Lightbolt's Web page. He has all his gear used last year listed. ( 
Plus some good stuff on his previous trips) Next , gear for normal hikers. 
Packs, Arc Terx and Mountainsmith are tops. Rule of thumb is find a pack that 
weighs about 1 lb. for each 1,000 ci of space. Myself, a pack in the 4,000ci 
range would be great. ( Of course a Golight "Breeze" is can hold over 
4,000ci's and weighs 11oz.s , which has been used of the PCT by a number of 
hikers) Sleeping Bags?? I prefer down in store bought type. Something in the 
20 degree range from Feathered Friends or Western Mountaineering are hard to 
beat!! ( Or a homemade sleeping sleeping quilt if you can sew). Raingear? 
Poncho's are great( Checkout Roy Robinson's combo tent/poncho) or Frogg 
Toggs. ( Homemade 1.1oz. coats are great if you sew) I just bought a Frogg 
Togg " Look Alike" called O 2 Rainwear. It is made of 3M Propore Fabric made 
100% of Polyproylene. On two day hikes , it has worked great in hard rain 
with no leaks and is breathable. ( Cost is 25.00 and weight is 7 ozs.) 
Boots/shoes?? I advise  New Balance. Look at the 804's and a few of their 
other models. ( They come in several widths) Stoves/cooking?? Of course 
Alcohol/Gas tank dryer homemade stoves. Carry a few Esbit for backup. Socks?? 
Smartwool seem to be by far the most popular. ( Your choice of weights) 
Sl;eeping pads?? Forget any heavy self-inflators!!!  Ridgerest and Z-rest 
rule!! Most hiker's opt. for 3/4 length, but I like full length. Other 
stuff?? You will need to carry 8 liters of water in the desert( though some 
opt to carry only 6 ) Use platapus bags or Wine box bladders which are 
reflectorized silver, very tough and hold 4 liters. Cost is none if you have 
drunks for friends!!!  Snow stuff?? Yes you will need an Ice axe and smarts 
to use it. I prefer a long enough model to use as a walking stick with a 
basket. I also STRONGLY advice taking Stubi Alum. crampons which are made to 
use with running shoes. These are not the lame instep crampons hikers have 
used in the past! Weight is under 1 lb. Use lowtop gaiters as well. The last 
few years maybe setting future hikers up for a surprise as far as Sierra 
weather goes. Last year hikers got as few as 10 wet days on their whole trip 
and the Sierras have been a skip in the park the lately. Praise for Sun ,but 
prepare for snow on your Sierra Section. Oh ya, treking poles save knees, 
help you cross creeks and make great tent poles. I like Black Diamond !! 
Cheaper than most ,but have a bomb proof adjustment cam. Maybe a tad heavier 
than some .