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[pct-l] PCT in sections

Hey Hikers,

Just an update on my plans.  Turns out that Burnt Rancheria is closed for
the winter starting 10/29.  So with that in mind, I had to adjust my plans a
bit.  Instead of doing a 2 day backpack, I will be doing 2 one day hikes
with my wife and 3 kids and hopefully another PCT hiker (Jason).  The cabins
at Lake Morena are available but require two nights for reservations.

So the adjusted plans are:
Fri: 11/9/01
Head to Lake Morena. Check-in to cabin and meet up with Jason

Sat 11/10/01
Caravan vehicle to Cibbets Flat with Jason.  Return to trailhead at Lake
Start Hike about 12 mi.  Finish at Cibbets.  Drive back to Lake Morena.
Jason has option to stay at Cibbets.

Sun 11/11/01
Drive to Cibbets flats. Meet Jason.  Caravan vehicles to Mt. Laguna.  Return
with one vehicle back to Cibbets.
Start Hike about 10 mi.  Finish at Burnt Rancheria/Mt. Laguna.  Drive back
to Cibbets to retrieve vehicle.  Head on home.

Tentatively I'm looking at doing the next section, Burnt Rancheria to
Pioneer Mail Trailhead over the Turkey day holiday weekend - 11/24/01.
Perhaps even go Pioneer to Padro Fages Trail.
That will put on the downside of Laguna before winter kicks in too much.

I'm always looking forward to meeting up with people if you would like to
join.  Hence why the details notices to the group.

Crazy Old Scout